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November 2018 Marketing Newsletter

As the "Your Tomorrow, Today" campaign builds momentum with Outdoor placements in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra this month (See BRANDING/YTT from menu for advertising outdoor placement schedule), we will also see some digital innovation in the form of NewsCorp Home page takeovers mid-November. Our digital spend which involves targeted display and social programs will kick off on December 1. The intent once again is to driving spontaneous awareness for Oracle Cloud and positioning Oracle as the Cloud vendor that everyone should be talking to.

The programs that we have in plan for November revolved around three key themes: (1) Autonomous, a focus that was hard to miss at OOW this year, (2) ERP Upgrade and (3) Improving Oracle's standing in Public Sector.

Key programs this month:
Key Sponsorships: World Congress of Chartered Accountants (Sydney), DevOps Day (Wellington), Connect 2018 AUSOUG's annual user group conference (Perth and Brisbane) and HEUG Alliance Down Under (Brisbane)

Digital: Digital drive to web program for trials, Mandarin Content partnership/Smart Cities, ERP Finance persona webinar series

Events/Workshops: Autonomous Chatbots roadshow (national), CFO Networking Roundtables featuring customer speakers (Sydney Auckland), GTM SOAR Acceleration Workshops

Additionally, lots of progress on customer stories and PR around Autonomous off the back of OWW.

Bernadette Conlon,
Head of Marketing