Oracle Marketing :: December 2018 - Event Programs
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Upcoming Programs

Tech + Dev

Autonomous Cloud
Tech ODP

Digital: Autonomous

The Autonomous digital program will drive adoption of autonomous capabilities targeting CIO/CTO/CDO buyers in tech install accounts.

The objective of the campaign is to create top-level campaign messaging and communication, as well as campaign communication tailored to specifc industry vertical propositions with tactics to move customers along the sales cycle.

The propgram will provide constant on-going thought-leadership consisting of three phases to progress audiences through an engagement sequence. Phase one kicking off in December will focus on 'What is means to be an Autonomous business'.

Sector specific direct engagement will target Financial Services, Public Sector, Telecommunications and Manufacturing verticals.

Program Codes:

DIGITAL - 05 Nov - 31 Dec

Contact: Mary Filopoulos

Webcast: Oracle Kubernetes in Motion

Join our live webinar on 11 Deceember! Be your own helmsman! Learn more about how Kubernetes (K8s) works.

Program Codes:
DIGITAL PMK180703P00007

DIGITAL - 11 Dec

Contact: Lyn Ward

Meetups: Oracle Cloud Platform Community

Welcome to the Oracle Cloud Platform Community Meetups! This group focuses on technologies and best practices for modern agile application development in the Cloud. Our intent is that meetings should have an element of hands-on to ensure participants get a feel for the technology discussed. Topics will vary over time, focusing on emerging technology and trends in this space.

Topics we currently considering to provide hands-on session for are:
- Autonomous Database
- API Management in the Cloud
- Blockchain
- Infrastructure as Code
- Developing microservices based applications
- Machine learning and AI

We will look at Container Native technologies such as Kubernetes, Containers, Serverless and technologies related to Cloud Native Computing Foundation, but any topic of interest to our community is welcome.

Please let us know if you have a particular topic that you think we should cover in the group. Speakers are also welcome.

Program Codes:
SYD APMK190107P00115

BRIS - 18 Jan - 30 Jun
SYD - 18 Jan - 30 Jun

Contact: Lyn Ward

Mid-Market Executive Lunch with Oracle

These sales led lunch events are by invitation only and will target small to mid-sized organisations for Oracle IaaS and PaaS solutions.

The message focused on SMB growth challenges and how business can take advantage of the latest technologies for competitive edge - simply and affordably.

Key takeaways:

  • Autonomous technology simplifies security and reduces risks
  • Blockchain improves transparency of business transactions across key stakeholders
  • Intelligent bots personalise consumers engagements

Program Codes:
PER APMK180528P00056
BRIS APMK180528P00050

PER - 04 Dec
BRIS - 06 Dec

Contact: Zena Niven

Recent Programs

Tech + Dev

Autonomous Cloud

Autonomous Messaging Workshop & Sales Enablement

The Autonomous Messaging Workshop is an internal workshop to develop the Autonomous story for Oracle to build a strategic approach which will provide:

• A positioning platform that will enable us to take the Autonomous story to market across all communication channels in a clear, consistent and differentiated way in tune with the capabilities of Oracle and the market need

• A core set of highly practical tools that Oracle sales and marketing can rapidly activate together, adjust and consistently implement

• The ability to elevate the conversation to a senior set of buyers and create deeper value.

• An executional plan with multiple touchpoints delivering an integrated customer journey for buyers.

The outputs will include a customer facing deck for C-level discussions, battelcard and sales blotter. Stay tuned to learn more!

Program Codes:

MEL - 02 Nov

Contact: Mary Filopoulos

Sponsorship: DevOpsDay Wellington 2018

Oracle has taken the Platinum level sponsorship for devopdays Wellington. An event for technology professionals. 300+ attendees expected from Govt & private enterprises.

Program Codes:
WELL APMK180528P00332

WELL - 05-06 Nov

Contact: Lyn Ward

Sponsorship: Connect 2018 - Perth & Melbourne (Australian Oracle User Group)

AUSOUG will host its annual Connect Event in Perth on 19 November and Melbourne on 21 November. Focus will be on ATP & ADW and drive to trials.

AUSOUG reaches more than 1500 Oracle professionals focused on the technologies, applications, strategies and business of Oracle and its products, along with associated third party vendors.

Program Codes:
PER APMK180528P00395
MEL APMK180528P00395

PER - 19 Nov
MEL - 21 Nov

Contact: Lyn Ward

Workshop Roadshow: Experience Autonomous Chatbot & Mobile in Action

A workshop to experience Oracle’s world-class Autonomous Chatbot & Mobile Cloud Platform in action. Invite: Business Managers, User Experience Managers, Developers and Architects alike.

Program Codes:
ADEL APMK180702P00087
AUCK APMK180528P00403

ADEL - 22 Nov
AUCK - 29 Nov

Contact: Lyn Ward