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Why relevance is crucial in the 2025 workplace

Humans are about to experience the biggest transformation in history. Artificial Intelligence has reached a point where it is ready to transform almost all industries.

Technology is advancing at a dramatic rate, altering the nature and number of jobs available. Generations, new and old, are losing sleep over what and how human beings will stay relevant in the world of automation and ‘thinking machines.’

Human Resources Director by Rowan Tonkin, senior director, HR Transformation, Oracle

Uni of Wollongong CIO lays the ‘digital foundation’

University of Wollongong CIO Fiona Rankin is “laying the digital foundation” and undertaking a series of moves to take the university to the next level.

Part of her moves have included partnering with Oracle to consolidate the university’s 14 disparate solutions into one cloud platform with Oracle HCM, ERP and EPM.

“We can focus more on the people aspects of our business and leave the system to do what it needs to do.

“We’re essentially looking at doing more with less. This gives us the opportunity to retire a series of systems - or related systems - that will drive efficiencies. It will also drive things like straight through processing and allow us a single data source,” she said, explaining it will enable systems to link together to ensure transparent and streamlined operational processes.