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December 2018 Marketing Newsletter

Welcome to our final Marketing Newsletter for 2018. Our relationship led marketing activity will wind back over December and January in line with the rest of Australian ITC marketplace.

On December 7 Oracle will launch the Your Tomorrow Today Digital Advertising Awareness Program, following the “Out Of Home” Advertising awareness that launched in October.

This approach is in line with our strategy of targeting business and IT decision makers in their downtime, and sees programmatic advertising pave the way for a higher values series of digital advertising investments from late January onwards.

This means that you can expect to see targeted Oracle YTT advertisements appearing across social platforms such as Linked In and Facebook from December 7. From Mid Jan through to February we will be targeting the bulk of our spend on online video and digital display (web banner) which will help us target our audience online in a contextually relevant way, and drive inbound traffic

Stay tuned in early January for a refreshed set of Your Tomorrow Today Customer Stories also!

Bernadette Conlon,
Head of Marketing